On a recent transaction, I ordered a termite inspection by a local company I have worked with loyally over the last 11 years.  Much to my surpise, they found a considerable amount of damage on a house that had just been extensively renovated & expanded.  I scheduled the repair work to be completed, only to find out that the work they recommended was corrected by using minimal amounts of Bondo, yet they were charging my seller $700 for work that was done in less than 2 hours!  The workers themselves said to the property owner, how clean the house was & what little termite work actually needed.  I began to question their over all diagnosis and sought out a second opinion through Antimite, a nationally branded company.  They found an area of repair that the local company had missed, as well as provided great insight into the true treatment needed for a few attic termites.  The local company had called for the entire house to be fumigated, even though it had just been totally re-built with new lumber! Needless to say, the second opinion estimate saved my seller thousands of dollars, and saved the stress on the house for allegedly needing to be tented.  Through this experience, I have asked around with many of my colleagues about their experiences with termite companies.  The response was unanimous...ALL had described similar experiences with this "unnamed" local company, which had repeatedly over-diagnosed & over-charged for work.  It's extremely disheartening to learn that a company I was loyal to for so many years has now proven themselves to be not trustworthy.   In the long run, they are ending up costing themselves a lot of more money in the business they stand to lose by trying to rip people off.  The moral of the story here...get a second opinion!  I am grateful my seller insisted I get a second opinion, as it ultimately proved one company's moral to be non-existent, and another's to be the beginning of a new working relationship!  Thank you Antimite, for proving to be a trustworthy source with excellent references, ethics & the ability to do work quickly at a fair price!